Reverence And Honor Despised

Reverence And Honor Despised

A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If then I am the Father, where is My honor? And if I am a Master, where is My reverence? says the Lord of hosts to the priests who despise My name.

Yet you say, ‘In what way have we despised Your name?’

You offer defiled food on My altar, but say, ‘In what way have we defiled You?’

By saying, “The table of the Lord is contemptible’.”–Malachi 1:6-7

In 1900, Elisha A Hoffman penned the hymn “Is Your All On The Altar?”. The first line of the chorus repeats this question, but takes it a step farther by defining the altar.. “Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid?” The second line then asks us, “Your heart does the Spirit control?”. Too often, we respond with a confident “Yes”, all-the-while knowing this is not true. We are often willing to sacrifice our time, our money, and even our families, but we do so before we give up our sin. As the Lord spoke those words in Malachi, we are guilty of the same sins as the priest…we are defiling God’s altar. We are not honoring, nor are we giving reverence to our Father and Master.

Before we can go to the altar of sacrifice, we need to seek an altar of repentance. Notice that I said “we”; this includes me. I can speak from personal experience of the times I would seek forgiveness for my sins for a day, knowing I would return to them before too long. If we continue to return to our sins, like the hog to its wallow, then we are NOT putting our all on the altar of sacrifice. We are even adding lying to our list of sins.

The remainder of the song’s chorus gives us the following promise; one that I have found to be true.

You can only be blest,

And have peace and sweet rest,

As you yield Him your body and soul.”

Let us today—and every day—lift each other up in prayer. It is easier to give your all when you have others lifting you up in prayer.

Ring The Bells By Nannie R. Glass

Ring The Bells By Nannie R. Glass

Ring out the bells of heaven!
Obey the great command,
That all may hear their melody
On mountain, sea, and land,
The chimes of glory sounding,
Ascending to the sky;
Jesus our Savior reigneth
Forever more on high.

Ring how he bore our trials
And sorrows here below;
Of his lamb-like, sinless nature,
Purer than falling snow;
How he gave his life to banish
The clouds of midnight gloom
That brooded o’er creation
And o’er the dreary tomb.

Ring of the well of Sichar
And the everlasting tide,
With which its sparkling waters
His imagery supplied.
Ring of his mighty power
To comfort and to heal,
His gentleness and sympathy
In either woe or weal.

Ring of his blood that speaketh
Than Abel’s, better things,
And to the guilty conscience
Sweet peace and pardon brings.
Ring how he burst death’s fetters
In rising from the grave,
And from its lasting bondage
Will all his people save.

Ring how he intercedeth
And ever lives above
For all who trust and serve him,
Rejoicing in his love;
Of the many mansions he’s prepared
Of everlasting rest,
Whose joys no tongue can utter
Nor tell how glad and blest.

Awake, then, to your duty,
O church of Christ, awake!
Behold the beauty of their feet
Who the glad tidings take!
Reach out and ring the bells of heaven;
Blest be the hands that give
The truth, that all who listen
May hope and joy and live!
Ah, ’tis a wondrous story!
Good news to all the world!
The gospel means glad tidings
Wherever ’tis unfurled.

Great God, impart thy Spirit
That all who love their Lord
May see in life a flitting hour
To obey and speak his word.

Renewal Of Strength By Frances E.W.Harper

Renewal Of Strength By Frances E.W.Harper

The prison-house in which I live
Is falling to decay,
But God renews my spirit’s strength,
Within these walls of clay.

For me a dimness slowly creeps
Around earth’s fairest light,
But heaven grows clearer to my view,
And fairer to my sight.

It may be earth’s sweet harmonies
Are duller to my ear,
But music from my Father’s house
Begins to float more near.

Then let the pillars of my home
Crumble and fall away;
Lo, God’s dear love within my soul
Renews it day by day.

Cheerful Spirit Bestowed

Cheerful Spirit Bestowed

“A cheerful spirit is one of the most valuable gifts ever bestowed upon humanity by a kind Creator. It is the sweetest and most fragrant flower of the Spirit, that constantly sends out its beauty and fragrance, and blesses everything within its reach. It will sustain the soul in the darkest and most dreary places of this world. It will hold in check the demons of despair, and stifle the power of discouragement and hopelessness. It is the brightest star that ever cast its radiance over the darkened soul, and one that seldom sets in the gloom of morbid fancies and forboding imaginations.”–James H. Aughey

Battlefield Stern In Verse

Battlefield Stern In Verse

“Thank God for the battle verses in the Bible. We go into the unknown every day of our lives, and especially every Monday morning, for the week is sure to be a battlefield, outwardly and inwardly in the unseen life of the spirit, which is often by far the sternest battlefield for souls. Either way, the Lord your God goes before you, He shall fight for you!”–Amy Carmichael

Creator Of The Stars Of Night

Creator Of The Stars Of Night By Anonymous

Creator of the stars of night,
Thy people’s everlasting light,
Jesu, Redeemer, save us all,
And hear Thy servants when they call.

Thou, grieving that the ancient curse
Should doom to death a universe,
Hast found the medicine, full of grace,
To save and heal a ruined race.

Thou cam’st, the Bridegroom of the bride,
As drew the world to evening-tide;
Proceeding from a virgin shrine,
The spotless Victim all divine.

At Whose dread Name, majestic now,
All knees must bend, all hearts must bow;
And things celestial Thee shall own,
And things terrestrial, Lord alone.

O Thou Whose coming is with dread
To judge and doom the quick and dead,
Preserve us, while we dwell below,
From every insult of the foe.

To God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, Three in One,
Laud, honor, might, and glory be
From age to age eternally.

Manservant And Maidservant In Bitterness

Manservant And Maidservant In Bitterness

You shall be subject to the Lord, and to masters as the image of God, with modesty and fear. You shall not issue orders with bitterness to your maidservant or your manservant, who trust in the same God, so that you do not fail to reverence that God who is above both. For he came to call men, not according to outward appearance, but in whichever way the Spirit has prepared them.”–Pseudo-Barnabas