Fourth Day Of Creation Has Passed

Fourth Day Of Creation Has Passed

So the evening and the morning were the fourth day.”–Genesis 1:19

We have come, again, to another of what I call “skip over verses”. When we read these, we tend to give them only the briefest notice because they seem to have no meaning or value. We often see this attitude whenever we read the Biblical genealogies; upon seeing the word “begat”, people tend to cringe. Yet all of these verses, no matter how insignificant they seem to us, are an important part of God’s Word. So, you might ask, what is the significance of this verse? This verse is important because it shows us both an ending and a beginning.

The obvious ending—and one of the reasons it’s value seems lessened—is it tells us the fourth day is completed. God completed three days of creation before this, so it is just following a pattern…right? Wrong. The end of this particular day means that God has finished preparing the world to support life. He has provided the food, light, guidance, and protection the living will need to survive. With all of these things set in place, it is the beginning of our world as God intended for it to be.

Every day God gives us is important, whether it is our first day of life, or our thirty-five thousand, two hundred and sixty-second day of life. (This is not a random number. It is the number of days my grandmother lived, and on that last day, she finally got to see her Savior face to face.) Each day is given to us by God, so no matter what it brings, we need to treasure it.

If you are lost, today is your fourth day. Everything has been prepared; even the price for your sins has been paid. All you need to do is confess your sins to God, ask for His forgiveness, and accept Jesus as your savior. Only then will you see the life that awaits you.

Signs, Seasons, Days, And Years

Signs, Seasons, Days, And Years

“Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years;”–Genesis 1:14

Up until this point in Creation we have had only light and darkness. This darkness was the literal silence of God, while the light was His breaking that silence. When He said, “Let there be light,” He didn’t create the sun, moon, and stars, He created pure light. The purpose of this light was to simply illuminate; it was to illuminate the works of His hands. As He began to prepare the world for life, He knew we would need more than just food to survive. We were going to need guidance—signs—and He was preparing nature to help in our physical guidance. For our sake, He put the lights in the firmament.

The question arises: if, on day four, everything is being made perfect, why would we need signs for guidance? Because God already knew mankind would turn from Him and lean unto our own understanding. This is why He gave us the stars and the planets, to help guide us when we no longer listened to Him. Stars and planets have been used for navigation ever since man decided to start traveling. Farms have, for thousands of years, used the positions of the stars to know when it was time to plant read. (It is even possible to use the North Star and the Big Dipper to tell time—in the northern hemisphere, at least.)

Relating this verse to our Christian lives, God reminds us we are not alone. Just as He knew we were going to fail, He also knew we—as Christians—were going to need help. While His Word (that pure light) is our main source of guidance, He knew we would need stars in our lives as well. These are our brothers and sisters in Christ. They are those who have gone before and left examples. Those who trained you up in the way you should go are among the stars in your life. When we are sick, we are to call upon the elders; they are also stars. Our preachers, Sunday School teachers, and youth leaders are all stars in our firmament.

When we pray, we always thank God for all He has done for us. Let us thank Him, too, for the people He has placed in our lives. Let us be grateful for those who offer encouragement, or a loving reprimand. There is an expression that says, “Give flowers to others while they are alive to enjoy them”. Don’t wait until it is too late to show the guiding stars in your life how much you appreciate all they have done for you.

Obligations And Burdens With No Time For Ourselves

Obligations And Burdens With No Time For Ourselves

(Saturday Evening Prayer For July 22)

Heavenly Father. First, we want to thank You for teaching us it is okay to take the time to rest. Too often, we find ourselves with more and more self-imposed obligations and no time to complete anything. We let the promises we made to help others become a burden that weighs us down. It’s good to want to help others, Lord, yet You have shown us the importance of taking time for ourselves. Help us to know when to say yes and when to say no, and to do so with love. Your word tells us not to make a vow if we can’t keep it.

Dear God, part of finding rest is being willing to lay our burdens down at Your feet. Sometimes, we need the strength to simply let them go. We tell others of our faith yet lack the trust in You that You can handle the problems we cannot. Of all the obligations we think we have, trusting You is the most important. Lord, forgive our unbelief. Let us never forget that when things seem to be spinning out of control, they are still in Your hands.

Lord, this evening, we want to pray for those who are facing important decisions in their life. We often let rashness rather than wisdom guide our choices so lead us to the proper course of action. Whether they be choices concerning career, health, family, or whatever else, help us make the right ones. Let us weigh out the consequences of our actions before we do anything. If the moment comes when we aren’t sure what to do, give us clarity.

Finally, Father, we want to thank You for our readers. We know they, too, have things going on in their lives that require their attention, and still they willingly spend a moment or two with us. As we prayed of our obligations to You, we also have an obligation to them. Let us always be uplifting, encouraging, truthful, and a light that leads to You. Bless their lives and guide their decisions. Watch over us all.

We ask all these things in the name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen.

Guidance And Growth (A Saturday Evening Prayer For February 18)

Guidance And Growth

Saturday Evening Prayer For February 18

Heavenly Father, whose name is above all other names, we come to You this evening with thankful hearts. Daily, we see Your merciful hand upon us—leading us, protecting us, keeping us from straying from Your path. Every moment of our life is a gift from You, a blessing we would never deserve on our own. We thank You for the joy and the sorrow, and for the tears that come with each. Help us to always keep You in the center of our life; become our sole focus and guidance.

Dear Lord, this week we have found ourself facing certain choices concerning this little ministry You have put in our care. We feel as though You are calling us to do more than just share daily quotes, a poem, and a lesson each week. Open our eyes and our heart so we might see more clearly what You would have us do. Our prayer is that whatever we add will both uplift and encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ, in addition to lighting the Way for the lost.

We also pray, O God, for Your guidance concerning our fellow Christians working in Kenya. You know our capabilities as well as our desires, so we pray for the wisdom to keep them balanced. Sometimes, in our desires to do what we can, we go beyond our capabilities and end up letting someone down. We know the importance of preventing that when we can. Guide us to those who are more knowledgeable and more capable than ourself. To spread the Word is our main goal and we know we can’t do it alone.

As always, Father, bless those who take the time to pay this little site a visit each day. If they are facing situations in their lives that bring anxiety, give them the guidance to see what is the right thing to do. Grant them safety, peace of mind, and, if necessary, comfort. Strengthen their hearts and build a hedge around their families. Unite Your children in one mind and one prayer, a prayer for revival for all Christians.

We ask all of these things in the name of our blessed Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.