Finished Heavens And Earth

Finished Heavens And Earth

“Thus the heavens and the earth, all the host of them, were finished.”–Genesis 2:1

Six days. No more; no less. Two questions come to mind as I consider the entirety of the first chapter of Genesis. The first question is this: why did God need six days to produce a finished creation? The answer to this one easy. He didn’t NEED to take six days. God could have created the earth, the heavens, and all they contained instantaneously with a single thought if He wanted. He is not bound by space and time as we have seen; He is the Infinite, the All-powerful. Knowing and understanding this, then, brings us to the second question.

Why did God TAKE six days to complete creation? First, He did this to establish our days from beginning to end. These six days were the beginning of the concept of time. As with everything God does, these six days are intended to teach us a lesson. In every single verse, God has a lesson prepared for us…if we would only look for it. So, what is God trying to teach us by taking six days to finish the heavens and the earth.? He is teaching us both patience and pacing.

Ask any artist, composer, or tradesman about patience and pacing and they will tell you how important they are. Whenever we start something, the excitement (or anxiety) often pushes us to get the task done as quick as possible. However, this usually leads us to make mistakes. An artist will lay out her supplies before ever starting her masterpiece rather than continually run to a cabinet for the next item. It is the same with composers. Before putting any notes on paper, they will see how they sound when put together. Tradesmen will look at plans or schematics long before they start their next job. Everything must be done with care and in order.

God never asks us to do anything and then expects us to rush to get it done. When He called Billy Graham to preach, He started him in the church pulpit, not the stadium. A new church is started by just a few members and then begins to grow, not with a full congregation. Even Noah spent 120 years working on the ark. During the six days of creation, God was showing us the importance of taking your time.

To take your time, however, does not mean to waste your time. When God gives you a job or a task, he expects you to be diligent and do your best. Whatever obstacles you face, face them with patience. So, regardless of what God calls you to do, whether it takes six days or six years, remember this; God chose you.