Storms Of Life And The God Of Peace

Storms Of Life And The God Of Peace

(Saturday Evening Prayer For July 8)

Heavenly Father. We come to You on this beautiful Saturday and thank You for Your grace and Your mercy. You, whose name is above all names, are the source of all that is good in our lives, and we thank You. When the storms of life threaten to drag us beneath the waves of despair, Your reach down for us. Our hope comes from You, and nothing this world has to offer can ever change that. We know whenever we call out to You, You will hear our prayers. We thank You for the comfort our soul feels today for You truly are the God of peace.

Over the past couple weeks, Lord, we have found ourselves faced with storms that seemed unending. We have called out to You, begging for intervention. Desperation seemed to have become our way of life, but that isn’t Your plan for us. This week You reminded us that even though we don’t always see You working, You are in the midst of our storms. While we still feel the aggravation of the situation, there is peace in our heart—in our soul. As You continue to work in our situation, let the peace remain within us.

We ask, O Lord, that if any of brothers or sisters in Christ are facing storms of their own, be with them. Show them that no matter the situation, no matter the heartbreak, You are in control. If they are trying to fix their problems alone, remind them they don’t have to. When You said to cast our cares on You, we never realized how hard that would be. Touch the hearts of Your children and show them the joy of complete surrender. While most think of surrender as losing the battle, let them see that surrendering to You leads to victory. Grant us the strength to let go.

As we prepare to enter a new week, go with us. Guide our words that they might encourage and our steps that they might not lead someone astray. Bless Your children and never let us forget that when our storms come, You are the master of the storm.

All these things we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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