Sand And Sin-Stained Building Material

Sand And Sin-Stained Building Material

(Saturday Evening Prayer For December 23)

Heavenly Father. Where would we be without You or where could we go but to You? We acknowledge You as our maker and our provider. We would have nothing and be nothing without You. Although we desire to have Christ as our foundation, too often our weakness causes us to build on shifting sand. We choose to supply sin-stained materials when You are trying to make us into something new. When You remove these from us, we gather them up again and hold to them even tighter. Help us to let go, to trust Your decisions, and to avoid the things You took from us. Anchor us to the firm foundation and remove our desire to return to the shifting sand.

We ask, O Lord, that Your hand be upon those who are struggling through this holiday season. Be with those who are spending their first Christmas without a precious loved one. Give them strength to focus on the joyous memories and fill their hearts with laughter. Touch those who are dealing with depression. Let them see that by trusting in You, things can get better. Turn their thoughts from self-harm or suicide to hope. Show them that what seems like the end can be merely the start of a new life. Be with those who seek joy, but are constantly faced with sorrow and disappointment. Grant them the blessing of reassurance.

Dear God, we also pray for those who are away from home during this Christmas season. We thank You for the men and women in the military who are serving overseas. We also ask You to be with those who are in harm’s way. Be with those families who are both away from their loved ones here as well as those down range. Bless those who are on the military bases and in the communities who support these families throughout the year. We also ask that You will be with those away from home for business. Grant safe travels to each of them.

Finally, loving Father, we thank You for the gift of Your only begotten Son. This Christmas, remind us that the joy is in the giving and not the receiving. Let us carry the joy of the day in our hearts all year long.

We thank You for all these things and ask them in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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