Breath Not Wasted On Vanities (Saturday Evening Prayer For January 28)

Heavenly Father. We come to You and offer up our praise for the great things You have done in our lives. Each breath is a gift from You, so we pray that we will not waste them on vanity. Without You, Lord, we know we are nothing. Our prayer, therefore, is for Your guidance and wisdom in all we do. Remind us to bridle our tongue and think before we speak so when we speak, our words are of hope and life.

Gracious Master, we also want to thank You for the miracle You continue to work in Mackenzee’s life. Each passing day brings amazing news of the work You are doing. Stages of recovery that she shouldn’t even be at have already come and gone. Continue to bless her and her family as they tell the doctors and nurses of Your power. You have kept their spirits up and we ask for You to continue to do so.

Father, as we watch the news, as we read the news stories, and as we listen to the radio,  see the need for unity. It needs to be made manifest in our nation and in our world, but let us not neglect the unity among believers. While we see the trouble in the world, let us remember that as long as we have breath, we can unite in prayer and see things change. Draw our hearts together–regardless of the distance between us–and let us pray in unity. Lord, if we can’t pray together here, how shall we praise together in Heaven?

Finally, dear Master, we want to lift up the lost to You. As these words are read, we ask that You might send Your convicting power down on our lost loved ones. More than wealth, or fame, or possessions that can be corrupted, we long for our loved ones’ redemption. Touch their hearts as You have touched ours. Remove the scales that blind them to Your glory that they may come in and worship with us. Enlarge Your kingdom.

These requests we ask in Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.

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