Seed, Herb, And Fruit Tree

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Seed, Herb, And Fruit Tree

“Then God said, ‘Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself’; and it was so.”–Genesis 1:11

Over the past couple weeks our focus has been on foundations, both physical and spiritual. God has been developing the earth for what begins to occur in this verse. He filled the void and shaped the world to best prepare it for its purpose, then set protections in place. Once this was done, He gathered the waters to reveal the earthen foundation upon which He would begin to build. The first thing He intended to place on the barren land was grass, herbs, and trees. This was to be the food for what was to come. He also made sure the herbs and the fruit contained seeds which would yield more herbs and fruit.

Looking back at verse 1, we saw how God created us with a purpose; He reiterates this here. If God had no intention of nurturing mankind, He would have had no reason to create self-replenishing food. What good is it to build a beautiful house, install state-of-the-art security, have children, but neglect supplying them with food to help them grow? God’s intention was to have everything ready when He began creating life. In addition to the dry land plant life, He placed vegetation beneath the waters. Every living thing would have a food supply.

God’s nurturing aspect extends into the lives of those who accept Jesus as their personal savior. As new Christians, we are viewed as children in the ways of the Lord. We require spiritual nutrition to grow in Him. God has given us His word as our main source of spiritual nutrition, but we have so much more available to us. We have prayer—for ourselves and others, fellowship, the singing of psalms and hymns, and charitable works. I’m sure if you examine your own lives, you will see other things that help you grow in God. If you do all these things to the glory of God, they, too, like the trees mentioned above, will bear fruit.

What we do in this life—the people we encounter, the places we go, the words we speak—determine the fruit we bear. If it is good fruit, if it is godly fruit, then seeds will be planted. When the seeds bear fruit in others, then we have truly begun to fulfill God’s great commission.

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