Genesis And The Easter Example

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Genesis And The Easter Example

“Then God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together in one place, and let dry land appear”; and it was so.”–Genesis 1:9

Thus far in our look at the Creation, God has been preparing the earth for what is to come. He has shaped it, provided light, and set a protection around it; He has prepared it for a purpose. Before the earth can fulfill its purpose, however, God has one more task to complete; He needs to reveal the foundation. God does this by gathering the waters into one place and exposing the dry land. As we see, the land was beneath the waters from the moment He gave the earth form. It is on this newly-revealed land that God will affirm the earth’s purpose; to support life. From the Kansas wheat fields to the kelp forests of Tasmanian, life depends on what grows from the ground.

Like the gathering of the waters together to reveal land, the sins of all mankind were gathered at the cross. It was there God fulfilled the promise of hope and grace. Every drop of Christ’s shed blood formed a barrier between those sins and us. His blood became our firmament, protecting us from outside forces. With sin removed, God could begin working on His purpose for our lives.

With the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, God provided more than grace and protection, He provided our foundation. Without the redemptive blood of the crucified Christ, we have nothing upon which to see our faith grow. As Christians, the things we build are not of brick, mortar, and glass; we build with joy, hope, and righteousness. It is this unshakable foundation upon which we build that can withstand any storm.

This Easter, as we celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, consider what you are building on this sacred foundation. Are the friendships and relationships you are building Christ-centered? Do you use your words to shore up and strengthen your loved ones? Is the life you are living an example of your faith? If not, don’t you think it is time to study the blueprints God laid out for us in His Word?

May God bless you.

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