Created In The Beginning With A Purpose

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Created In The Beginning With A Purpose

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”–Genesis 1:1

Notice the first word of this, the first verse of the Bible. It doesn’t say “at”, it says “in”; “In the beginning…” The dictionary gives the definition of the word in as “used to indicate inclusion within a period or limit of time”. When we read the words “in the beginning”, we see that God is already busy; the beginning had already begun. The moment God decided to create, before He ever spoke a word in this realm, His plans were in motion.

There are those who believe that in the beginning God created everything then left it to its own devices. If that were true, Genesis 1:1 would have read, “At the beginning” because it wouldn’t have mattered what happened next. If the universe—and everything in it—were set on autopilot, there would have been no reason to punish Adam, Eve, and the serpent. There would have been no need for an ark of gopher wood. Mankind would not have experienced miraculous interventions.

You are a part of Genesis 1:1. God did not create you to just exist. If God intended to create man and then leave him to reach whatever end he happened to find, there would have been no need for a “lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world”. There would have been no reason for Jesus to die. God created you for so much more than just to exist. Regardless of what you are going through, whether you are in pain, in mourning, or in trouble, God has a plan. Before you ask for help, God is already preparing a means of deliverance. No matter your circumstances, He knows what you need.

In the beginning, God was already thinking about you. Before He ever spoke to Your heart, He was already making plans for your future. Before you ever committed your first sin, God had a plan so you could have redemption. From the moment God comes into your heart, you are created anew. “In the beginning God…” becomes “In my beginning God…”

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