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Abundance Of Living Creatures

Then God said, “Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens.”–Genesis 1:20

With all of the preparations made, God reveals the purpose of all He has done. Everything He has created has led to one thing: life; an abundance of life. As we saw on day two of Creation, God divided the waters and made the firmament, so this is where earth’s initial life is created. This verse first mentions the creatures that will make the water their home, then He speaks of the birds. This shows God has ordained a certain order to the universe and not left it to the forces of random chaos. Once He spoke light into existence, it revealed a world covered in water. Only after He revealed the water did He divide it from itself and create the firmament.

While God specifically says the birds will fly in this verse, he does not say everything in the water will swim. Some creatures, of course, do swim, while others crawl upon the bottom. Certain creatures drift with the tides and some attach themselves to other creatures. The squid moves by means similar to jet propulsion, pulling water in through its mantle and expelling it our through its siphon. But the birds in this verse simply fly, above the earth and through the firmament.

Mankind is a lot like the living creatures of the water; we move about however we so choose. We have the option of doing or not doing, of moving forward or staying still. Choices are what move us and motivate us and, whether right or wrong, they are ours to make. WE often live our lives as though we are under water. In most cases, when trying to view things under water, they tend to appear distorted. The typical world view is also distorted. It wants to see God in its image, not us in His image. The world sees moral absolutes as though they are fluid, without a basis of truth. When mankind’s truth is susceptible to change, God’s law no longer matters.

This type of thinking disregards the order God ordained and surrenders to chaos and falsehood. A law open to interpretation is an excuse to distort the truth, and that is something mankind revels in. Choosing to interpret what God says to fit your thinking cannot change the original intent of God’s law. Sin is still sin, even when man passes laws making it legal.

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus made it possible for us to come out of the water and soar. The birds fly, as they were meant to do, and they are content. Following Christ gives us the chance to fly like eagles, but, too often, we choose to be like flying fish. They try to propel themselves above the world. Certain flying fish have been know to travel around 1300 feet above the water, but they are unable to maintain that flight. Before long, they find themselves right back in the water. We cannot fly on our own. If you want to mount up with wings as eagles, you have to see the truth as God sees it.

My prayer for you today is that, if you haven’t accepted the truth that we have all sinned, you do so. It is only when you accept this trurh that you can be saved and transformed. No longer will you be bound by the water that distorts, but you will soar in the firmament of God’s forgiveness. His truth and order will become your truth and order, and you will find the contentment you were meant to have all along.

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